Friday, June 22, 2012

God's Warnings in these last Days

  God is showing to me,after His warnings of catastrophic storms greater in magnitude and number,how millions would have read those Words I have posted before.He is showing to me,and impressing onto my spirit all of these things we 've not seen before .
  There will be huge catastrophic fires and floods.Fires (many) in one part and floods(many) in another part,and then they will switch ;where there were raging fires will be floods,where the floods were will be fire...then I see 2 looks like tsunamis crashing together as never ever seen before...God wants that everybody is Him and He is angered because of so much sin,wickedness everywhere,how the entire world lies as Sodom,the worship of other gods and denying God and the Only way to Him through Christ .Wickedness everywhere even in the churches,places of worship.
 God is saying,Now you see darkness across the entire World,everywhere you look.
 God wants that you seek Him not the pleasures of this world and to warn you ,the last days are here and your time is running out.
  God does not want you to end up in hell,or to lose all that you have...He wants your love and worship of Him....It has become so bad says the Lord..many many are searching everywhere for churches who will speak the truth of the Word of God,and this says the Lord,is the fammine for His Word.
  Searching everywhere for Me says the Lord your God.....THe Lord is saying,you look to only the things of this world which satan is the god of....the earth is mine says the Lord.
  As long as billions of people everywhere deny Me says the Lord your God,doing away with My Word ,ordinances,statutes,judgments and commandments,leading billions away from Me thru My Son,Jesus Christ..I no longer protect the nations that have done away with Me and My Word.
  You say;God is a God of love and He will not do this,the Lord is saying,They do not know Me or My Word.
  I require obedience to Me and My Word and that you honor and worship Me and no other pirit or long as you do not seek Me and follow Me and My Word....You will NOT stand says the Spirit of the Lord.
  My servants no longer point out about sin and its' consequences which is death of the soul in hell,Everybody is confused,lost and deceived....You are in error says the Lord whe nyou compromise Me and My Word.My Holy have done away with Me and My Word,so I will do away with what I have given to you.
  See who you will call on when you face these tribulations and afflictions.KNow,that your gods will not answer....I have warned by my apostles and prophets many times,I know you have read and heard and yet deny says the as you see these things come to pass that I have spoken thru my servants...You shall know it is Me,and what will you do then?
  Many will See and come unto Me says the Lord your God,many will not.As you turn to man relying on self and man...Your end is death and hell,the grave.
  The Lord is saying everywhere is nothing but wickedness...and that the Body of Christ is not visible at all,and we are to stand and raise the standard for God to Him and His Word,He says,if you will call onto Him,repent from your wicked ways ,He will forgive you and He will RESTORE Our Land...says the Spirit of the Lord         Joan Rogers
June 22nd 2012

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